How To Fix Communication In A Relationship | Ways To Improve Communication In Relationships In 2019

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How To Fix Communication In A Relationship | Ways To Improve Communication In Relationships In 2019

Ways to fix communication. My name is coach Natalie and this is Happily Committed and my amazing partner and I Coach Adrian created this channel for all you guys at home to help you guys stay happily committed. Relationships are hard. There are so many platforms of communication, we have social media, we have good old-fashioned talking over the phone, we have living together and speaking to each other beside each other in bed, we’ve got it all and it’s so important for you to have all of your communication tips covered so that you can stay happily committed, so that you can stay in sync with yourself and with your partner. And as many of us know, when there’s a problem with communication, the relationship suffers. If you want to keep a relationship healthy and you want to keep it alive knowing how to communicate, knowing how to express yourself and allow your partner to express themselves is essential.

Social media is everywhere and I know you want to tag your boyfriend in all the pictures and I know you want to tag your girlfriend in all the memes and you want to involve each other in your online identities but as counterintuitive as it sounds, I encourage you to really avoid over communicating or communicating too much with your partner on social media. What starts as fun and looping each other in with your lives becomes lost in translation, very similar to text messaging which is a whole other tip.

Don’t text message important things with your partner. Things get lost in translation. Whether it’s text messaging, whether it’s social media, no matter what year, it is avoid, avoid, avoid talking about substantial topics and conversation on the social media platform. These platforms are supposed to be light and funny and I see so many clients of mine get in massive mega almost unforgivable fights with their partner using social media or text messaging. If you are already in a relationship that has incorporated social media deep into your relationship and you don’t know how to stop I would have a pretty open conversation about it with my partner. Try to incorporate the new habit and I guarantee that the quality of communication and your relationship will improve. Communication is everything, so if your communication improves, your relationship will improve, if your communication crumbles, your relationship will crumble.

Another tip, be impeccable with your words. When you say you’re gonna do something you’ve got to do it. Integrity and relationships are everything and the moment you stop following through with your word is the moment your partner starts losing faith in your ability to make them happy. They’ll start second-guessing what you mean they’ll start second-guessing what you say they’ll stop believing you and that’s eventually we’ll start to chisel out your trust it will chisel at your bond. So when it comes to communication, a tip to improving and preserving the communication is to be impeccable with your word. when you say you’re gonna do something you need to do it follow-through is essential.

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