7 Tips to (IMMEDIATELY) Improve Communication in Your Relationship

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If this is a typical communication session in your relationship, then this video and article are perfect for you because I’m going to teach you how to communicate effectively in a relationship!

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Having good communication in a healthy relationship is essentially having a partner who talks to you, who is a good listener and a good friend, who likes and appreciates you for who you are, and does his part to make the relationship work.

My big relationship tip of the year is this: Don’t let the little things ruin a relationship by constantly dwelling on them, and don’t let the big things ruin a relationship by NOT communicating them.

Let’s dive into those tips on how to communicate effectively in a relationship.

2:06 How to Communicate Effectively in A Relationship #1. Listen to Understand vs. Listen to Respond

Listening to understand means that you do care what he’s saying, and you prioritize hearing him. Trust me: this is the kind of listening you need if you want to communicate effectively in a relationship.

2:52 How to Communicate Effectively in A Relationship #2. Explain Your Understanding Rather Than Saying, “Yes, I Understand”

After he tells you something, say to him, “What I hear you saying is…” and say, in your own words, what you heard him say.

This has a couple of benefits. First, it reassures him that you’re truly listening. But it also clarifies what you think you heard. If you use this technique and you got it wrong, he can better explain what he was thinking.

3:10 How to Communicate Effectively in A Relationship #3. Stay Solution-Oriented Rather Than Problem-Oriented

Communicate your ideas for solutions with tentativeness. Maybe something like, “Well, perhaps we could try…” Or “What if I did . . . and you did . . .”

By offering solutions softly rather than as a “You need to stop drinking now!” you communicate that you care about helping him or the two of you find a solution to something that is blocking your relationship.

3:55 How to Communicate Effectively in A Relationship #4. Shut Off Your Devices

Having your phone near you, even if it’s on silent, is distracting. You’re trying to communicate effectively in your relationship, so that means prioritizing listening to what your man has to say.

4:05 How to Communicate Effectively in A Relationship #5. Use the Word “I” to Express How You Feel, Rather Than “You”

Talking in terms of “you” puts him on the defensive. He feels like you’re criticizing him, and he’s less likely to want to make changes to improve the relationship.

On the other hand, if you speak in terms of how you’re feeling, using “I,” you’re communicating your own emotions and reactions, not criticizing his behavior.

4:22 How to Communicate Effectively in A Relationship #6. Don’t Interrupt

Interrupting can create arguments because he won’t feel like you’re listening (you aren’t). If you want to remember what you wanted to say while he’s talking, make a mental note of it and come back to your point when he’s done.

4:35 How to Communicate Effectively in A Relationship #7. Don’t Be Afraid to Say “I Don’t Know”

Not every discussion in a relationship needs to have a positive outcome or clearly-defined solution. It’s okay to walk away from it needing to think about it more. Sometimes not being in the middle of a heavy discussion is when your brain will come up with really great solutions, so plan a followup conversation if necessary.

Have you ever used any of these tips to communicate effectively in a relationship? How did it go? Do you have other strategies for us?

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